Client Appreciations

Lea Arellano
has been an invaluable guide, coach and counsellor to me for over 7 years. She brings to her work an unshakeable belief that every human being can manifest their full glorious potential, no matter what their history, challenges or life circumstances. She imparts skills and tools for the journey with penetrating wisdom, brilliant insight and irresistible joy.
  —Shailja Patel, Award-winning international poet, theatre artist,
                            and activist

Over the last decade, Lea has been at the heart of my personal and professional transformation.  She has empowered me to such a level that I now have the life of my dreams.  My health is thriving, my relationships are amazing and I am in the dream job of a lifetime.
Marilyn Levin, FOUR YEARS. GO Commitment Campaign Director,                                Global Sufficiency Network Founder

Thank you Lea for helping my family out of the denial of the seriousness of the addictions in our family and how they were hurting us all. Thank you for helping us get the social services we needed.
  T.C., San Francisco, CA

I have been doing personal work with Lea for almost two years, and in that time I feel like I have moved mountains and begun a life of true presence.  Lea has coached me through some enormous life choices and helped me unveil how truly powerful and capable I am as a young and independent woman.  Lea has helped me accept myself and trust the risks that I have taken in order to follow my heart and my life's given path.  Working with her, I feel that I am given the safest space to endure and experience life choices that have been terrifying and so incredibly rewarding.  I look forward to continuing my life's journey and having Lea as a strong and insightful guide. I thank you Lea from deep within my heart.
  —With Love, Nadia

Lea has such a calming, tranquil spirit. She definitely helped my family in a time of great need. We were suffering as a family from some disfunctional behavior that had been going on for more than 30 years. Lea was the catalyst to creating a harmonious balance and understanding between our immediate family members. I am so grateful to her for the work she put into mediating our situation. It's been over 5 years now that there has been a peaceful vibe in our family. Thank you Lea for helping us and believing in us! 
  —B. Palacios, Oakland, CA

Dear Lea

Your gifts truly have helped me to get on track (today celebrates 2 months of no cigarettes and drugs - and I'm gonna try and go for no alcohol in 2011...) with my body and spirit.  I so needed it for my day to day life.  And just to clear my spirit of so many trials, tribulations that are finished, and prepare for and cultivate the wonderful people, events, healing gifts I will be presented and will present in the coming year. Thanks for your guidance and your work with me!
  —BG, Oakland, CA

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