Assignments I am currently seeking

  • Counseling and Coaching
     Over 25 years in the helping professions sector. Experienced, insightful, multicultural counselor, life coach at your service! 
    Compassionate, powerful, confidential counseling, coaching for individuals, couples, friendships and families! 
    Deep experience with relationships (healing, transforming and remaining), forgiveness guidance for young adults, grieving break ups and divorce, healing family dysfunction, transforming addictions, harm reduction, money issues and more.
    Also support with foster care providers, parents and organizations. I work with LGBTQ and heterosexual people in my practice. Se habla espanol.
    In person, phone and local, national and international SKYPE sessions. Affordable sliding scale. Call now to schedule free
    30 minute phone/SKYPE session:
    Lea E. Arellano (510)261-5973 Confidential phone line.
  • Start Up Support for new non-profits:
    501c3 is not difficult to get and to hold successfully. Save lots of money with my guidance and your willingness to do the foot work. I, along with you, will assess your readiness and create a plan of action to get you on the road to becoming a 501c3! Don't be afraid, really it is not scary! Call now and relax!
  • Facilitating work groups for optimal performance and participation. I work with planning and facilitation of project launchings, retreats, business meetings and other goal oriented events. I produce results!
  • Training teams and staffs in communications, building relationships across sameness/difference and other issues of cultural competency.
  • I provide cultural competency coaching for people in leadership.
  • Creating/building bridges between communities in neighborhoods, cities, businesses, and more.
  • Building capacity projects for nonprofits and businesses.
    Strategic collaboration action plans for connecting to and working with community partners.
  • Trainings on all relevant topics for the group home and foster home care system. Coaching workers and staff to optimize job satisfaction and performance.
  • Board training for new and established board members. Two and three hour trainings many topics for staff and businesses.
Summary of Qualifications
  • Over 25 years experience as a Nonprofit Worker.
  • Specializing in:
    • Multicultural and diversity group trainings for sustainable changes for nonprofits, corporations, and businesses.
    • Transformative organizational coaching for groups and individuals.
    • Mediator on issues of race, gender and cross cultural alliance-building.
    • Culturally competent technical assistance support services for business and nonprofit sustainability.
  • Published writer, musician, dancer and spoken word performer.
  • Bicultural and bilingual (Spanish).
Selected Achievements
  • In the last ten years, as a commitment to my professional and personal development, I have attended over fifty training of trainers workshops on cross cultural relationship building, ending oppression, building equitable and diverse communities, and personal transformation and coaching.
  • In the last 14 years I have designed and delivered a number of workshops for organizations and businesses including:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Board Development
    • Board Training
    • Fund Raising Basics, Getting Started
    • Staff Team Building
    • Tools for Healing the Nonprofit Organization
    • “Cross Cultural Healing for People of Color”
    • “Dismantling Racism”
    • “What is Internalized Oppression?”
    • “Ending Sexism”
    • “Ending Men’s Oppression”
    • “Disability Liberation”
    • “Self-Care, Burn-out Prevention”
    • “Rational Harm Reduction”
    • Ending Homophobia
    • Gay/Straight Alliance Building

    I have worked with the following constituencies:

    • Disabled people
    • LGBT Community
    • Elders
    • Foster Youth
    • Disabled Youth
    • African Heritage people
    • Latinos
    • Chicana/os
    • Men
    • Women
    • Asians
    • Immigrants
    • White people (on unlearning racism and internalized entitlement)

    Consulting and training clients have included:

    • St Mary's College, Moraga, CA
    • Seneca Training Center, San Leandro, CA
    • Pachamama Alliance, San Francisco, CA
    • Mandela Parkways Natural Foods Co-op Oakland, CA
    • Food and Fitness Collaborative, Oakland, CA
    • Seneca Centers, Bay Area, CA
    • PRTA Oakland, CA
    • State of California Alcohol and Other Drugs Department, Sacramento, CA
    • Pacific Center, Berkeley, CA
    • San Francisco Gay Pride, San Francisco, CA
    • Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA
    • Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money, San Francisco, CA
    • KQED, Project Pride for Incarcerated Women and Children, Oakland, CA
    • Spirit Drumz, Oakland, CA
    • Sistahs Steppin in Pride, Oakland, CA
    • Mother Tongue Institute for Creative Development, Berkeley, CA
    • National Cool Idealist Conference, UC Berkeley, CA
    • Americorp, Federal Government, Washington DC
    • Latina Center, Incorporated, Richmond, CA
    • Community Health Academy, Oakland, CA
    • St. Anthony’s of San Francisco, CA
    • Department of Rehabilitation, Oakland, CA
    • San Francisco Unified School District
    • Asian Health Services, Oakland, CA
    • Oakland Unified School District
    • National Latina Health Organization, Oakland, CA
    • San Francisco State University, SF, CA
    • Aguilas of San Francisco, CA
    • Women of Color Caucus, Tucson, AZ
    • Harm Reduction Coalition, Oakland, CA
    • Regional Center of the East Bay, Oakland,CA
    • Tool Works, San Francisco, CA
    • Lavender Seniors, San Leandro, CA
    • Just Economics, Berkeley, CA
    • National Community Institute, Oakland, CA
    • The Latina Center, Inc, Richmond, CA
    • Men Overcoming Violence, San Francisco, CA
    • Ark of Refuge, San Francisco, CA
    • Clinica Esperanza, San Francisco, CA
    • Compass Point, San Francisco, CA
    • Tahoe/Truckee Nonprofit Collaborative
    • Latino Issues Forum

    Partial list of Education, Training and Board Experience:

    • Fund Raising From The Heart, CA 2007
    • Legacies of Consciousness, EBCRS, Oakland, CA 2005-2006
    • And Respect for All Training of Trainers, SF, CA 2005
    • Principles of Financial Freedom, EBCRS, Oakland, CA 2005
    • Millionaires Destiny, Oakland, CA 2005
    • Landmark Forum Education, SF, CA 2005
    • Healing the Rage, Berkeley, CA 2005
    • Re-evaluation Co-counseling, North America 1995-2005
    • Multicultural Alliance Fundraising Training, Oakland, CA 2003-2005
    • Prevention for People Living with HIV, UCSF Aids project, SF, CA 2003
    • HIV/AIDS Prevention for Positives/People of Color, Compass Point, SF, CA 2003
    • Changing Racism Training of Trainers, Visions, Oakland, CA 2002
    • The Fund Raising School, Center on Philanthropy, Oakland, CA 2002
    • Harm Reduction Training of Trainers, Oakland, CA 2002
    • New Nonprofit Nexus Vice Chair Board of Directors, Oakland, CA 2001-2003
    • National Community Development Institute Consultant Learning Community, Oakland, CA 2001
    • Professional Development for Consultants, Oakland, CA 2000-2003
    • Nonprofit Workshop Series, Compass Point, San Francisco, CA 2000-2003
    • Fund Raising Conferences, Management Center, San Francisco, CA 2000-2003
    • B.A. In Humanities, New College Of California, San Francisco, CA 1995
    • Trainer of Trainers, Equity Institute, Oakland, CA 1992-94
    • Indigena As Scribe Writers Group for Indigenous Women, San Francisco, CA 1991-1994
    • Board Member Women’s Alcoholism Center, SF, CA 1993
    • Pima Community College School of Social Work, Tucson, AZ 1972-1974

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