Lea E. Arellano

Human Solutions Consulting
and Training
2400 MacArthur Blvd. #312
Oakland, CA 94602
Home Office: (510) 530-8159
Cell Phone: (510) 410-6353
Email: leaestrella@sbcglobal.net


Cultural and Organizational Consultant/Coach/Trainer
in the Nonprofit and Private Sectors

Summary of Qualifications
  • Over 25 years experience as a Nonprofit Worker.
  • Specializing in:
    • Multicultural and diversity group trainings for sustainable changes for nonprofits, corporations, and businesses.
    • Transformative organizational coaching for groups and individuals.
    • Mediator on issues of race, gender and cross cultural alliance-building.
    • Culturally competent technical assistance support services for business and nonprofit sustainability.
  • Wedding Officiant and Commitment Ceremonies
  • Published writer, musician, dancer and spoken word performer.
  • Bicultural and bilingual (Spanish).
Selected Achievements
  • In the last ten years, as a commitment to my professional and personal development, I have attended over fifty training of trainers workshops on cross cultural relationship building, ending oppression, building equitable and diverse communities, and personal transformation and coaching.
  • In the last 14 years I have designed and delivered a number of workshops for organizations and businesses including:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Board Development
    • Board Training
    • Fund Raising Basics, Getting Started
    • Staff Team Building
    • Tools for Healing the Nonprofit Organization
    • “Cross Cultural Healing for People of Color”
    • “Dismantling Racism”
    • “What is Internalized Oppression?”
    • “Ending Sexism”
    • “Ending Men’s Oppression”
    • “Disability Liberation”
    • “Self-Care, Burn-out Prevention”
    • “Rational Harm Reduction”
    • Ending Homophobia
    • Gay/Straight Alliance Building

    I have worked with the following constituencies:

    • Disabled people
    • LGBT Community
    • Elders
    • Foster Youth
    • Disabled Youth
    • African Heritage people
    • Latinos
    • Chicana/os
    • Men
    • Women
    • Asians
    • Immigrants
    • White people (on unlearning racism)

    Consulting and training clients have included:

    • St Mary's College, Moraga, CA
    • Seneca Training Center, San Leandro, CA
    • Pachamama Alliance, San Francisco, CA
    • Mandela Parkways Natural Foods Co-op Oakland, CA
    • Food and Fitness Collaborative, Oakland, CA
    • Seneca Centers, Bay Area, CA
    • PRTA Oakland, CA
    • State of California Alcohol and Other Drugs Department, Sacramento, CA
    • Pacific Center, Berkeley, CA
    • San Francisco Gay Pride, San Francisco, CA
    • Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA
    • Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money, San Francisco, CA
    • KQED, Project Pride for Incarcerated Women and Children, Oakland, CA
    • Spirit Drumz, Oakland, CA
    • Sistahs Steppin in Pride, Oakland, CA
    • Mother Tongue Institute for Creative Development, Berkeley, CA
    • National Cool Idealist Conference, UC Berkeley, CA
    • Americorp, Federal Government, Washington DC
    • Latina Center, Incorporated, Richmond, CA
    • Community Health Academy, Oakland, CA
    • St. Anthony’s of San Francisco, CA
    • Department of Rehabilitation, Oakland, CA
    • San Francisco Unified School District
    • Asian Health Services, Oakland, CA
    • Oakland Unified School District
    • National Latina Health Organization, Oakland, CA
    • San Francisco State University, SF, CA
    • Aguilas of San Francisco, CA
    • Women of Color Caucus, Tucson, AZ
    • Harm Reduction Coalition, Oakland, CA
    • Regional Center of the East Bay, Oakland,CA
    • Tool Works, San Francisco, CA
    • Lavender Seniors, San Leandro, CA
    • Just Economics, Berkeley, CA
    • National Community Institute, Oakland, CA
    • The Latina Center, Inc, Richmond, CA
    • Men Overcoming Violence, San Francisco, CA
    • Ark of Refuge, San Francisco, CA
    • Clinica Esperanza, San Francisco, CA
    • Compass Point, San Francisco, CA
    • Tahoe/Truckee Nonprofit Collaborative
    • Latino Issues Forum

    Partial list of Education, Training and Board Experience:

    • Legacies of Consciousness, EBCRS, Oakland, CA 2005-2006
    • And Respect for All Training of Trainers, SF, CA 2005
    • Principles of Financial Freedom, EBCRS, Oakland, CA 2005
    • Millionaires Destiny, Oakland, CA 2005
    • Landmark Forum Education, SF, CA 2005
    • Healing the Rage, Berkeley, CA 2005
    • Mother Tongue Institute for Creative Development, Berkeley, CA 2002-2005
    • Re-evaluation Co-counseling, North America 1995-2005
    • Multicultural Alliance Fundraising Training, Oakland, CA 2003-2005
    • Prevention for People Living with HIV, UCSF Aids project, SF, CA 2003
    • HIV/AIDS Prevention for Positives/People of Color, Compass Point, SF, CA 2003
    • Changing Racism Training of Trainers, Visions, Oakland, CA 2002
    • The Fund Raising School, Center on Philanthropy, Oakland, CA 2002
    • Harm Reduction Training of Trainers, Oakland, CA 2002
    • New Nonprofit Nexus Vice Chair Board of Directors, Oakland, CA 2001-2003
    • National Community Development Institute Consultant Learning Community, Oakland, CA 2001
    • Professional Development for Consultants, Oakland, CA 2000-2003
    • Nonprofit Workshop Series, Compass Point, San Francisco, CA 2000-2003
    • Fund Raising Conferences, Management Center, San Francisco, CA 2000-2003
    • B.A. In Humanities, New College Of California, San Francisco, CA 1995
    • Trainer of Trainers, Equity Institute, Oakland, CA 1992-94
    • Indigena As Scribe Writers Group for Indigenous Women, San Francisco, CA 1991-1994
    • Board Member Women’s Alcoholism Center, SF, CA 1993
    • Pima Community College School of Social Work, Tucson, AZ 1972-1974

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